4 Camera Settings That Make Wedding Photos Come Alive

As a Wedding Photographer, it is essentially your job to make the memory of a wedding last for a lifetime and beyond. This is an immense responsibility to shoulder and should not be taken lightly. You should be well-prepared and have all the equipment ready for the day. You should also make sure that you know who the important guests are going to be at the wedding so that you can focus enough attention on them with your camera. One other important aspect of the job is to know which settings to use on the camera for each shot. Here are 4 such wonderful camera settings that make the photographs come alive.


Capturing pictures in the¬†RAW image format is the best thing you can do as a Wedding Photographer. This will give you the maximum flexibility in terms of how you can use each image in post-production. RAW images don’t just capture the image in the current camera settings, but do so in every possible setting. This gives you the option to alter exposure, brightness, and even the colors in the photograph during post-production. Thus, as a Wedding Photographer, you should always shoot in RAW format.


A wedding will be a flurry of activity and everyone will seem to be in a hurry. You might also be bumped and shoved. Hence, you should always keep a fast shutter speed in order to be able to capture things quickly. A speed of 1/250 is ideal and captures most moments without any form of blurring. As a Wedding Photographer, you should move about quickly yet be steady and keep capturing as many wonderful moments as you can throughout the day.

Natural Light:

Weddings are no place to be using a flash and disturbing people. If you use one on the couple during the ceremony, you might even get yourself thrown out. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Hence, learn to use natural light effectively. This will enrich your photographs and make them look rich and bright with colors.

Continuous Shooting Mode:

This mode should be the Wedding Photographer’s best friend. It can be used to capture wonderful moments without having to worry about pressing the button at the right instant. This can be employed to great use to capture the reaction of the couple and the guests during speeches. Another perfect time to use this mode would be during the wedding dance.

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