The 3 Best Rifle Scopes For Deer Hunting

Apart from Football, Deer hunting is the most popular and American sport around. It is as American as the star spangled banner itself, for our forefathers relied primarily on deer for their food when they first colonized the new world. So much has changed since those days but the thrill of bagging a deer remains the same. The rifles have evolved tremendously and now, there are dedicated ones designed specifically for deer hunting. The invention of scopes ( has changed the game completely and we can now hunt deer from quite far away, thus reducing the chance of them spotting us and bolting away at top speed. Let us now take a look at the 3 best rifle scopes for deer hunting.

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Compact:

The name Leupold is synonymous with American made optical gear. So it can be no surprise that they manufacture one of the best scopes that is available in the market today for deer hunting. The VX-2 has a 40mm objective lens diameter and a variable magnification of 3-9x. This is perfect for shooting over distances of 100 to 500 yards in medium to good light. The lenses are all duplex and have anti-glare coating to give you the best possible image of the target.

Nikon ProStaff 3-9x 40 Black Matte:

Nikon has been the industry leader in producing cutting-edge optic gear for well over a 100 years now. Their research and development wing is particularly famous for having developed some super-innovative methods of making their products unique and advancing the industry as a whole. The Prostaff 3-9x 40 Black Matte is one of those products that is aimed at advancing the industry as a whole with its remarkable features. The one thing that stands out is the impeccable clarity of the image. The scope boasts 95% light transmission, which makes it on par with the $1000+ scopes used by the Secret Service. It also has adjustment options that allow you to use it accurately even beyond its recommended range of 500 yards. This is easily one of the best scopes for deer hunting that is available in the market today.

Sightron S III:

The Sightron S III has been built from the ground up to specifically cater to the needs of deer hunters. It is designed to be a long-range scope with a magnification of 10-50x, which makes it perfect for use from high on top of a cliff. You can simply leverage the enormous magnification capability of this scope to hit targets over a mile away with ease.

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