The 3 Most Pleasant Smelling Flowers In The World

Flowers have been symbols of love since time immemorial. They are soft to the touch and gentle things that appear glorious and beautiful. This has been why women across the globe in various cultures wear flowers in their clothing or in their hair. Another important aspect of flowers is their fragrance. Flowers usually have a sweet smell that is designed to attract bees that will help pollinate the flowers. However, this smell makes for a great substitute to perfumes and so flowers have traditionally been worn on all types of garments. Let us now take a look at the 3 most pleasant smelling flowers in the World.

Chocolate Cosmos:

The Chocolate Cosmos is a flower that is native to the Americas. It primarily grows in the Rocky Mountains in Mexico and the Southern United States of America. The flower gets its name from the sweet Chocolate like smell that it emanates. These flowers usually bloom overnight in large patches and so you tend to get a waft of fresh Chocolate-smelling flowers every morning. This makes it easily one of the most pleasant smelling flowers in the World.


Jasmine flowers have a unique wafty smell that is almost intoxicating to the senses. This is the reason why the flower is treasured in several cultures across the World. They each use it in a different way. In South India, the jasmine flowers are braided into long ropes and worn on the hair by women. This makes a splendid sight against their jet black hair and also gives an excellent fragrance to their hair. The flower is so ingrained in the culture of the land that there are dedicated rituals that stipulate the use of the flowers for certain purposes. In the middle-east, dried jasmine is used to enhance the flavor of tea.


Rose is easily one of the most pleasant smelling flowers in the world. Its wonderful smell and bright colorful appearance makes it the most popular flowers in the world too. Roses (Miami flower shop – send the best roses to your friends and family) come in over 100 different colors and are grown throughout the globe. They are used as part of wedding ceremonies, in bouquets, and simply kept in vases. Their fragrance is so wonderfully sweet that it is an important ingredient in several popular perfumes. Rose water also has some incredible properties that make it very useful in the cosmetic industry. Rose is the universally accepted symbol of love and denotes the affection that one person shares to another through its sweet fragrance.

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